Nail care is an important part of our beauty and personal care rituals. And just like makeup, hair, and fashion, looks and trends change. Discover the nail trends for this year 2021.

Spring-Summer Nail Trends.

This year we have seen some changes compared to last year, there are trends from the most minimalist and simple shapes to the most extravagant and striking.

Nail Trends: Minimalistic

Para quienes prefieren diseños más clásicos, conservadores o minimalistas. O si simplemente quieren lucir unas uñas hermosas pero de bajo mantenimiento, hay muchas opciones en tendencia entre las cuales se destacan:

Nails on Pink or Clear Tones

One of the minimalist nail trends is the use of light, nude, earth, or pink tones. With short nails and rounded or almond tips. It is a style that combines with different occasions, as well as being a classic that does not go out of style. A variant of this style is a pink base color and adorning the nail with only one point.

Colored French Manicure

Otras de las tendencias en uñas que vemos en este 2021 es la manicura francesa, con la diferencia que el borde lleva colores en vez de ser blanco. Es un estilo sencillo con un delicado toque de color, también apto para cualquier ocasión.

Naked Manicure

Similar to the nude manicure, this manicure seeks to enhance the natural beauty of the nails. Hydrations and cares are carried out that let out the natural pink color of the nails. They can also be covered with a soft or so-called "milky" shine with a translucent effect that can be easily maintained at home.

Different Colors

It is still necessary to combine colors from the same range in the manicure or use a different color that contrasts with a single nail. The tones can be changed according to the season. Simple decorations or prints are included.

Extravagant Nail Trends

For those who prefer bolder and more striking styles, there are different trends this year 2021. Long and pointed nail shapes are still in trend but square shapes are incorporated more.

Metallic or shiny colors

Different types of nails are used long or short in metallic, neon, fluorescent, and shiny colors. Includes metallic pink and silver tones.

90s Designs, Groovy or Bold Prints

Among other prints, also on long or very long nails, are bacterial designs in the style of the bandanas of the 90s. Or in the groovy style of the 70s as Kylie Jenner recently showed on her Instagram account.

Manicure and Messages

Another striking style is the calligraphic designs on stiletto nails, as shown by Rosalía on her Instagram account. They are styles that want to make an impact and take the attention of the outfit. Other stickers and eye-catching applications with floral and animal figures are also used, among others.

Dramatic Tones

Another quirky trend is reflected in dramatic hues. Such as red combined with black or metallic blue. As well as black decorations with very impressive touches.

Dare to show off your nails as you want

Whether you prefer a minimalist style or a more extravagant one. There is something for everyone. Remember that you decide how you want to look to enhance the natural beauty of your nails. And we are here to provide you with the best service in your personal care.



Nail trends for 2022 are here, and while they aren't as intricate or dramatic as the ones we've seen in previous seasons, we still feel inspired by them.

Nails were mostly kept simple on the international runway, but there were still a few nail polish options worth exploring.

Naked Nails

The most common of nail ideas is not really a design or a color. The models sported nude nails, perhaps slightly enhanced with a reflective topcoat. Nothing could be easier!

Pink Nails

Pink was the biggest nail color in the summer 2022 nail trends. It's a classic color, of course, with a comforting touch that often conjures up childhood memories.

Neutral Nails

There is a difference between a sheer, polish-free look and a Nutra nail. Neutral nails are like a bare finger bomb: they mimic skin tone and lengthen nails, even with tips hidden with polish.

Black Nails

We always see black nail polish on the runways, but each season gives off a slightly different effect. For the nail trends of summer 2022, the black polish was completely chic and classy.

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