Nail trends for 2022 are here, and while they aren't as intricate or dramatic as the ones we've seen in previous seasons, we still feel inspired by them.

Nails were mostly kept simple on the international runway, but there were still a few nail polish options worth exploring.

Naked Nails

The most common of nail ideas is not really a design or a color. The models sported nude nails, perhaps slightly enhanced with a reflective topcoat. Nothing could be easier!

Pink Nails

Pink was the biggest nail color in the summer 2022 nail trends. It's a classic color, of course, with a comforting touch that often conjures up childhood memories.

Neutral Nails

There is a difference between a sheer, polish-free look and a Nutra nail. Neutral nails are like a bare finger bomb: they mimic skin tone and lengthen nails, even with tips hidden with polish.

Black Nails

We always see black nail polish on the runways, but each season gives off a slightly different effect. For the nail trends of summer 2022, the black polish was completely chic and classy.

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