Become a Beauty Master!

You can work with us

If you are a licenced cosmetologist, Masseuse, Nail Artist or a Makeup Artist, you can use our platform to find more leads of people looking to have your service performed at home.
You can apply by downloading the app and registering as a Beauty Master.

Download App

How to Register

First, go to the AppStore or PlayStore and download the CLOUNIC App.

Open it and go to "Beauty Master Registration" on the bottom

Beauty Master Registration

Fill the form with your correct personal information. 

We won't share, sell or use your personal information with 
commercial purposes.

E-mail Verification

Check your E-mail and copy the verification code in the App to continue.

Load your Certificates and licences

Take a picture with your phone or upload it directly from your files.


Thank you for Registering! 

Our team will review your Licences and Certificates shortly. You will receive an email with news from us within the week.
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