Take note of the following nail-care tips that can help you to keep your nails clean and healthy.

Both nails and our hands are a presentation card since it talks about our image and personal care. So just as we have routines to take care of our face, hair, and skin using different products, we must remember to incorporate our nails, hands, and feet into our beauty routine.

With the following hand-care, you will get stronger, brighter, and healthier nails. Preventing you from constantly complaining about those yellowish nails that tend to break at the slightest touch.

1. Care of your Nutrition.

As we well know, food can have a positive or negative influence on our bodies, including nails. This is why consuming foods rich in vitamin A and B such as fruit, eggs, carrots, cereals, dairy products, among others, will allow you to keep healthy and strong nails.

2. Properly Cut your Nails.

It is important to have our nails of average size since having them too long can result in breakage. To reduce the size it is preferable to use the file, but if your nails are already very long you should use suitable tools such as scissors or nail clippers following the cut according to the shape of the cuticle. We recommend cutting your nails after getting a shower, as your nails will be much softer after soaked.

3. Moisturizing your Nails.

Moisturizing the nails is another fundamental step since dehydration will make your nails weak and prone to break easily. There are several ways to keep your fingernails and toenails hydrated, these are:

  • Drink water in a daily basis
  • Daily use of moisturizing cream
  • Exfoliate
  • Soak your nails in olive oil for 5 minutes and massage gently
  • The application of drops of castor oil will also help to hydrate and harden the nails.

4. Avoid Biting your Nails

Many times we unconsciously bring our nails to our mouth and begin to bite them, either due to nerves or anxiety, this habit can seriously damage the nails, causing infections, deformations in the cuticle, and can even cause problems with your teeth.

5. Protect them from Chemicals

Always protect your hands with gloves when scrubbing, gardening, crafting, or cleaning with aggressive products. Protecting your hands from these activities will prevent breakage, fungus, enamel loss, deterioration of the nails, among others.

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