Who we are? Where do we come from? Where are we going?

All you need to now about us and why are we doing what we do.

Clounic means cosmetic treatments and services to your home at your own time.

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We want to be the integral solution for the cosmetic needs of the working woman of the 21th century.


Our App will be a groundbreaking cosmetic service provider, bringing services to our clients homes and creating new flexible jobs for cosmetic technicians around the globe.

Where Are We 

We are going wherever you, the user, take us.  We are driven by your needs and will keep innovating to bring you the best possible services to your doorstep.
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Who We Are?

We are the cosmetic service solution for the busy working woman of the 21th century. You control your time and appointments, so you just tell us what you want, when and we do the rest.
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Where do we come from?

We are an experienced team creating unique experiences and services in the world wide web. We had a vision with cosmetics and we are putting all of our efforts to make it a reality.
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Meet the team

This wouldn't be posible without the vision and work of:

Iris Bullford

Chief Executive Officer

Glen Halloway


Mary-Jane Cotton

Software Developer
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